March 2004

Items that missed the printed issue:

We have accidentally omitted Dorchester Tire Service, Inc. from our printed newsletter for that past several months. We apologize for this oversight and would like to extend our thanks to them for their continued support.

Cash for Class - To help benefit the Edward Everett School
South Shore Plaza wants to help you earn cash for your school.....
It's easy... Every time you, your family, and friends shop at South Shore Plaza, have your receipts stamped at the Simon Marketplace (Customer Service), to help your favorite participating school get closer to winning valuable prizes. Your school can win prizes ranging from $300 to #3,000 !!

Receipts must be dated between July 15, 2003 and May 15, 2004 and every school is a winner

!st Place $ 3,000
2nd Place $ 2,000
3rd Place $ 1,500
4th Place $ 1,000
5th Place $ 700
6th -10th Place $ 500
11th - 15th Place $ 400
16th - 20th Place $ 350
21st - 30th Place $ 300

Here is what you do. Bring your original cash register receipt from any South Shore Plaza store to the Simon Market Place (Customer Service) and they will credit your school, stamp your receipt and hand it back to you. Your school will receive five (5) points for each dollar shown on the receipts.

Participating schools in this year's 2003-2004 Cash for Class program:
Academy Avenue School, Beechwood Knoll, Charles A. Bernazzani, Collicot Elementary, Cunningham Elementary, Dawe Elementary, Delphi Academy, Donald Ross School, East Middle School, Edward Everett School, Elizabeth G. Lyons, Gate of Heaven, Glover Elementary, Heights Elementary, Hollis Elementary, John F. Kennedy, J.W. Rogers M.S., Liberty School, Murphy Primary School, Sacred Heart School, Squantum Elementary School, St. Agatha School, St. Ann's Neponset, St. Brendan School, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Joseph's School, Saint Mark School, St. Peter School, West Elementary, and Wollaston Elementary.

Special EXTRA POINT Incentives: Receive triple points for any Simon mall gift certificate purchased at South Shore Plaza.

If you have any questions, please call the Cash for Class Coordinators at (800) 762-1641 or Alicia Zipp at (617) 282-6722

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Dorchester Recycling Coalition
To receive your FREE blue recycling bin or for more info about how to recycle call (617) 635-4959.

Support Our Local Businesses who Support the CSHCA!

Below is a list of the Columbia Savin Hill Civic Association's Merchant Members.
Remember, the folks who run these businesses support us and have invested in our community. Please extend the same support to them by shopping in their stores, seeking their services or eating in their restaurants.

A Hohmann Oil Co. Inc. 1146 Dorchester Avenue
Anna's Bakery, Inc. 1035 Dorchester Avenue
At Home Real Estate Group 109 Savin Hill Avenue
Avenue Auto Wholesales, Inc.  1121 Dorchester Avenue
The Banshee Pub 934 Dorchester Avenue
Bayside Exposition Center 200 Mt. Vernon Street
The Boston Globe 135 Morrissey Blvd.
Coleen’s Flower Shop 912 Dorchester Avenue
Corcoran Jennison Mgmt 150 Mt. Vernon Street
Creative Wrappings 22 Carson Street
Dorchester Avenue Auto Repair  887 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester Tire Service 1160 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester Market 951 Dorchester Avenue
Gately Insurance Co. 983A Dorchester Avenue
Lee Myles Transmission 1110 Dorchester Avenue
Lee's Store & Bakery 982 Dorchester Avenue
McKenna’s Café 113 Savin Hill Avenue
Murphy Funeral Home 1020 Dorchester Avenue
Nash’s Pub 1154 Dorchester Avenue
NEALCO Environmental Svcs. 5 Caspian Way
P. Gioioso & Sons Construction 50 Sprague Street, Hyde Park (BWS project)
Pat Jay’s Pharmacy 940 Dorchester Avenue
Savin Hill Variety 110 Savin Hill Avenue
The Shanti Restaurant 1111 Dorchester Avenue
Spire Printing 65 Bay Street
Sports Lab 1152 Dorchester Avenue
Venice Pizza 39 Savin Hill Avenue
Vina Realty/MSC Travel 988 Dorchester Avenue

Merchant Memberships are $25.00 a year. Please note that this is a non-voting membership. If interested in becoming a Merchant Member please print out and complete the membership form at the bottom of this online newsletter and forward with your check in the amount of $25.00 made payable to the Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association. We will list all Merchant Members each month in our newsletter.

Little House Food Pantry
The CSHCA collects food and household items at our monthly meetings to donate to The Little House Food Pantry. We have our collection basket located at the sign in desk.

Please consider making a donation on a regular basis for the need locally is ongoing. Suggested non-perishable food/household items: jams, peanut butter, pasta, canned sauces/veggies, boxed or canned soup, cereal, crackers, condiments, cleaning supplies, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream, razors..etc.

Dorchester Day Celebrations Committee Essay Contest
Are you a student in the 5th - 12th grade? Are you the parent of a child or teenager in the 5th - 12th grade? If you answered YES to either of these questions; you might want to check out the 2004 Dorchester Day Celebrations Committee Essay Contest chaired by very own webmaster Ed Geary Jr. You can find more information about the Dorchester Day Celebrations Committee and the Dorchester Day Parade Committee (including an essay contest form) by clicking here.
Good luck................

Click here for a 215 Sydney Street Committee Update

A Tip of The Hat
Special thanks to Bob O'Sullivan for his help in coordinating the Bayside Expo Special Meeting on February 25th!

Newsletter Submissions
Have you something you'd like to share in "The Neighbors" ? We welcome all "appropriate submissions". Letters to the Editor, events, announcements, meetings…etc. You can email us at, call 617-282-1277 or fax 617-868-7102 attn: John. (call 617-868-6600 first and ask for ext.211)
Our deadline for the next edition is March 17th!

Dates to Circle:
The Rock the Night Benefit to benefit Edw. Everett School will be held on May 1st from 8 PM to Midnight at the Rice Post, 33 Romsey Street. Music by "Cat Basket" and "The Mood Swings". Donation: $15. This is an adults only event with a cash bar. Checks made payable to the Edward Everett Schoolyard and if not attending can be sent to: 71 Pleasant Street, Dorchester 02125. All proceeds will go to the schoolyard maintenance fund. Call Alicia @617-282-6722 for more info.

The Edw. Everett School Annual Spring Festival will be held on June 12th, Saturday, from 1 - 4 PM on the schoolyard. Fun games, food and music for all ages!

4th Annual Upham's Corner Branch Library Pool Party
February 27th Friday from 7 PM to 9 PM Please join the Friends of Upham's Corner Library for tasty food, refreshments and festive tunes. Where? The Library at 500 Columbia Road. Proceeds from this event will help provide funding for books, videos, lecture series story hours for toddlers and musical events. If you are unable to attend please feel free to send your tax-deductible donation to the Library made out to: Upham's Corner Library - Pool Party. Hope to see you in the pool!

Don't Forget to VOTE on Super Tuesday, March 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please bring a non-perishable food item donation to our next meeting for the Little House Food Bank !!! Thanks !!!

CSHCA Meeting Childcare Reminder
At our general meetings we do offer childcare for our membership. Do bring along items that your child may need during the course of the evening.

Are You Current With Your CSHCA Annual Membership Dues?
(Many of our memberships expire in the month of December)

South Bay Shopping Center Expansion Project
By: Joe Chaisson
The concerns of the public meeting February 12th, were the reconstruction of Massachusetts Avenue, the inclusion of a fuel facility onsight and changing proposed pedestrian walkways.
I also attended the IAG meeting at the BRA on Tuesday February 17th. My recommendation did not change. Re-construction of Massachusetts Avenue should be completed before any proposals in that area are allowed any permits. Also discussed were the relocating and adding walkways, and possibly relocating the gas facility.

The public comment period ends March 3rd so take a good look at the Mall next time you're there and address your comments.

Mail To:
Mr. Armindo Gonsalves, BRA
Room 910, Boston City Hall
Boston MA 02201
RE: 1100 Massachusetts Proposal (former Agar site)

What Objects or things do you have that tell a story about Dorchester?
Artist Laura Baring-Gould is looking for objects that tell the story of Dorchester to be used in creating the permanent public artwork in Edward Everett Square. Do you have old baseball gloves? Toys? Pins? Shoes? (50's pumps? baby shoes? Step dance shoes?) Dorchester memorabilia? Are there certain memories you have of Dorchester? Growing up in Dorchester? Your family? Your cultural traditions? Impressions upon moving here? Any ideas about the things that might tell the story of people who lived a generation ago? Two? Someone who arrived in Dorchester last year? What might be an idea to represent Dorchester during the Civil War or WWII? Have you lost anything that was important to you? Have you found anything digging in your yard or in your basement that might have belonged to someone else?

Working with interns from UMass Boston, members of the Edward Everett Square Project Committee and the Dorchester Historical Society, Laura Baring-Gould is in the process of researching and selecting objects to be bronzed and incorporated into the artwork at Edward Everett Square. (Some objects will be life size, some larger and some smaller) If you have an object in your home that tells a story, Laura would love to her about it or see it. Contact Laura too if you just have an idea but no object. She would love to hear any suggestions. Please contact her at (617)625-7406 or

Dorchester Center For Adult Education
DCAE presents *Friday Night Out*
Four fascinating and tasty evenings ($40 per session) exploring the different cuisines of Dorchester. 3/5 Cape Verdean, 3/12 Vietnamese, 3/19 Cape Verdean and 3/26 Caribbean.
For more course information or for a free catalog call: 617-474-1170

CSHCA Membership Renewal/Application for Membership
Please keep current with your annual membership dues if you wish to remain a voting member in good standing and continue to receive a copy of the newsletter, "The Neighbors". NOTE: Check address label for your membership expiration date. It would be greatly appreciated if your memberships were renewed early.

CSHCA Annual Memberships are only $5 per person ($25 Merchant Sponsor - non-voting member) Checks can be made payable to: CSHCA

Simply print out the form below and give with payment to our Treasurer, Nora McDonnell at our next meeting or mail to:

CSHCA Membership
c/o Ms. Nora McDonnell, CSHCA Treas.
7 Buttonwood Court
Dorchester, MA 02125

Individual membership(s) ____
Merchant Sponsor _____

Name(s): ____________________________________________

Street: _____________________________ Apt: __________

City/Town: ___________________________ State: _____

Postal Code: ____________

Phone: ______________________________

Email: ______________________________

Merchant Sponsor Name: _____________________________

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